When you select the start of freefall and then the end of freefall will it trim everything before and after those points you picked? When I run tandem videos it plays the whole clip. I.E if I turned on my camera 30 seconds early it will show the whole 30 seconds even after selecting the start and end. Does it not trim the video?
Mick Hardy
It doesn't trim the video at these points. The start and end of freefall are used to determine the music placement and any slow motion applied to the template. To trim the video, you need to use the trim tool from the Media menu. Right click the media and select Trim.

You still need to set the start and end of freefall even after trimming the video. The start and end of freefall should be positioned no closer than two seconds from the start or end of the trimmed media.

If you set an event to be a repeat of the freefall, then the footage is trimmed as you described.