Hi Mick,

We are using the automated velocity envelope for exit on the event tab and reducing the exit speed to 40% for 6 seconds and repeating the exit at 100% after. This is working but then after the repeat of the exit at 100% speed it then jumps a few seconds on video. This is leaving a small gap in the video just after exit. I not sure if this is something to do with the way the template was built or my settings. It was working before we re-built the templates and installed the new computers but I can't see anything myself.

Thanks James...

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Throba attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
Hi James,

This is an issue I found yesterday while helping another customer. I'm pretty sure it only happens when you left trim the video. Can you confirm?

I've fixed it in the development version but some other issues preventing me from releasing the current version with this fix. I'm heading overseas shortly and this release will be delayed.

Mick Hardy
You have the first exit at 6 seconds and the second exit at 3 seconds. This will jump.

I cut the video at six seconds to accommodate your first exit. With your second exit set to 3 seconds, there will be a 3 second jump. Set your second exit to 6 seconds as well.

There will also be a glitch if you left trim the freefall but this is a bug. Your issue is normal behaviour.

Thanks Mick, worked a treat