Hi. I`m trying out trial version, and so far it does everything as expected. 😄
The only problem that I have is this:
When I add velocity envelope to a freefall event, Vegas makes two events at the timeline:
- one event with properly added velocity envelope - but no audio track.
- the same event without velocity envelope - but with audio track (right after the first one).
There is no transition between these two events.
I tried with both "mute the audio during the velocity envelope" checked on and off.
It should be only one event, with audio and envelope...What am I missing?
Mick Hardy
I tested this and it seems to be working OK.

I presume you're talking about inserting velocity envelopes manually using Media | Velocity Envelope, rather than the automated ones from the event tab during exit and deployment.

The event has to be split to allow the velocity envelope to be applied. If you add a three second 25% velocity event, you'll wind up with three events total. Normal speed event, then a 25% speed event of 12 seconds, then normal again. There are no transitions between these three events but the velocity envelopes are ramped so the slow motion is applied gradually.

The audio for freefall between exit and deployment is muted so the audio setting applied for the velocity event will be ignored.
Mick Hardy attached the following image(s):
Thanks for such a quick answer! 👍

Yes, I`m talking about inserting manual velocity envelope. 50% speed of some good shot during freefall.
I`ll try to post pictures of all tabs for freefall event, velocity envelope setting and vegas timeline.
In Vegas timeline pic, red dots mark the start of the same timeline event. You can see the velocity ramp applied on the first event (which has no audio).

It would be nice if you could tell me what am I doing wrong...

mircan attached the following image(s):
Mick Hardy
I'm about to board a plane to configure a dropzone down South with TandemVids. Apologies in advance for the delay but I will look into it further as soon as I can.

Everything looks OK in your configuration but your resultant video looks odd. I won't get much of a chance to have another play this week but I'll do my best and see if I can duplicate the behaviour you describe.

Ensure the inserted envelope doesn't overlap your automated ones but it should handle this situation and skip it from memory.

Thanks for all the screenshots. Helps a lot when reproducing an issue.

Mick Hardy
I managed to reproduce this issue using identical settings to yours. I won't get a chance to look at it properly until I'm back in the office next week.

Thanks for the effort.

One thing I noticed, if I disable exit repeat/slowmo, velocity envelope works fine...
Mick Hardy
I can confirm this is an issue. I've identified the problem and added it to the list of bugs. I'll do my best to look at this in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for the detailed analysis and clear steps to reproduce the issue.

It's caused by the additional offsets within the freefall event, which are created when applying exit and deployment velocities.

I`m a developer too, so I know to appreciate a good problem definition.😉

You have made great product. Thanks.
Mick Hardy
This issue wasn't as bad as I thought. It's complicated but most of the maths is fine. The extra velocity envelopes are all being inserted in exactly the correct location regardless of any trimming or any number of exit and deployment velocities. Overlapping ones are skipped as expected.

I did uncover a few issues detailed below, which have now been addressed. Rigorous testing appears to be solid. Expect a release early next week.

1. The gap in the audio was by design. If the audio was muted, it was deleted. I've changed this to mute it instead of deleting.
2. When an event was split, a new envelope was inserted. When the speed was altered, it changed the start of the envelope but then ramped up or down to the previous level. I'm assuming this behaviour is due to a change in how newer versions of Vegas behave.
3. The exit and deployment velocities always inherited the length of the longest velocity defined. This was a bug.
4. The event to the right of the inserted velocity event retained a velocity level due to issue 2.
Mick Hardy
Expect a release early next week as opposed to early this week. Quite a lot has changed in this release and testing has uncovered some show stopping issues that need to be resolved before going live.

Apologies for the delay.

Mick Hardy
This issue has been fixed in TandemVids V2015.0.0.0