Out of no where we are getting an error when trying to upload videos to youtube. It's a 410 error(gone) the youtube account is in good standing and can upload from the computer no problem. Appreciate any insight.

Mick Hardy
What version of TandemVids are you using? Help | About.
Mick Hardy
I've had another customer report this specific error but they were still using TandemVids version 2011.1.12.0.

Google deprecated the authorisation code and YouTube servers TandemVids was originally using to upload videos. It looks like they've finally flicked the switch and broken all legacy code. I imagine many applications around the world are suffering the same issue. Fortunately I was pre-warned and rewrote the YouTube upload application last year. If your version is less than 2014, please download and install the latest version from the download area .

Install straight over the top. All your customers, templates and settings will be fine. You may need to restart any YouTube uploads. In the newer versions, you can select multiple customers from the Search tab and right click to choose queue for YouTube.

A new release is due out in a few days to address a few issues with the current build. These are documented here .

Thanks Mick. Yes, i have an older version. Should I wait a couple days then? Btw the reason my edits were slow was my thermal paste had worn out on the cpu fan. Computer was running hot and slow, just couldn't really tell until we were rendering. Back to super fast edits.
Mick Hardy
If you have customers waiting for uploads, I would kick them off by installing the current version. The issues aren't significant and have always been there.

Just remember to check back at the end of the week and grab the latest version.

Great news about fixing the slow renders. Its not something I would have ever considered.

We are all set thanks for the help.