Not every customer is ok to publish their names together with a video on the internet.

As an alternativ it would be cool to have the ability to enter initials in the customer information section (or generate custom fields that can be added further in the process).

So instead of the YouTube title 'Skydive of Peter Webb' it would be 'Skydive of PW ([Date])'

Thanks for considering
Mick Hardy
That's a great idea. I do plan to have more customer fields available in the next version but they require some database changes. I've added this to the feature request list under the road map .

I might be able to make this work with the current version but it would be a global feature where you specify the title format for every YouTube video. I could have some built in fields to use like first name, initials, date etc.

One field I know is needed is a "block from social media" field. If the customer doesn't want their video uploaded, tick this box and it will never be put online.

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the delay in replying. I wasn't notified about this post for some reason.