At our DZ we have a slow motion walk to the plane, (makes the girls look sexy with hair whipping around during clime in) also when a tandem or fun group is exiting before the video we always slow mo that exit then move right into the clime out with of course a slow motion exit followed by real time... After the slow motion deployment we rewind 20 or so seconds of the freefall and depending on exit alt that day will extend the 20 into 28 second repeat with deployment in real time,,, also some times on a hard landing (or a very cool slide in) we will soften it up with a 3 sec slow motion touch down. I know that is a lot of slow motion but its how we have developed our standard... Is it possible to have the control of the free fall event on all the events? 😕
Mick Hardy
You can automatically slow-mo individual events within your Vegas template but only in their entirety. You can also add unlimited velocity envelopes to any source media using the right click context menu within TandemVids (or CTRL + SHIFT + V) but it requires extra work prior to processing. I think this extra work would end up being the same or similar to my suggestion below.

The trouble with having automated slow motion as we do with exit and deployment, is that you need to set the exit and deployment to make it work but we do this already for the music. I'll have a think about what you need and see if I can work out a way to do it. I'll also revisit the current velocity envelope dialog and see if I can improve it.

Maybe if I include the ability to add slow motion to any template event in a similar fashion as the exit and then add a custom name to the slow motion effect. In your example we could name them "climb in", "best smile" and "landing". Then, prior to processing, it brings up a video window with the appropriate source media, and says select "climb in", "best smile" and "landing". You can set it or skip it depending on the customer. Do you think this would work? I'd almost prefer the current method where you can add slow-mo anywhere if you're not too busy.


I'd almost prefer the current method where you can add slow-mo anywhere if you're not too busy. /


Even when were busy 🙂 I have just bought the software and to be honest haven't had a bunch of time to work with it yet... I'm going off the feedback of some of the videographers... If I can get this software to work with my format and maintain my indivuality, We will get 5 more licenses in quick order...