Mick Hardy
The ability to select multiple jumps to be included on a single DVD would be a good option.

I could have used this feature a couple of times, not so much for tandems, but down the dropzone, especially for AFF. The Tully demo weekend  or AyrChix team jumps  are good examples of when this would be a nice feature. Creating a wrap-up DVD with all nine stages for an AFF student would be pretty cool and easy to do. Imagine getting everyone around to cheer them through all nine stages over a few beers. That would be gold.

A DVD at the end of the day with all the day's jumps on it so you can play it through while you have a beer would be great for our little dropzone.

I've already worked out how to do it so I'll ensure it gets included at some stage. Website first!
Hi Mick,

This is something that our dropzone would benifit from. We have a 4 way program starting up soon with the aim to have 4 teams doing 4 jumps a day.The plan is to have a daytape at the end of the day so the jumps can be debriefed.

I'm thinking in the time being if we just copy the jumps to the local drive I can drag and drop them into DVD architect to make a day dvd.

But it would be cool to be able to run it through swoopware and add some things like team names etc..
Mick Hardy
I agree! We could use it all the time at the dropzone because our AFF jumps are fairly short templates with three events so to bang them all on one DVD at the end of the day would be heaps cool.

I'd still run the jumps through Swoopware. Then they're archived, set to music, have team names, date, the comp round and they're on the system if anyone wants a copy. You can do multiple jumps onto a USB Flash Card and then play them using a playlist at the end of the day. You'll need a Notebook that talks to the TV but if you have a Full HD TV and HDMI, you can watch them all in Full HD.

This feature will be added along with a number of others in the short list but not before the Help documentation is completed. I'll keep you posted.


Mick Hardy
We've had good results doing similar fun jump templates. I'll run through what I'd do for a four way fun comp.

Three event template.

Short fade in with dropzone logo and comp name.

1. Team shot : Quick team video before the jump. The teams will make this entertaining. The team name should come up here in the lower thirds. For the team name, add the round as well to make the playlist easier to sort. eg. "Team Kaos - Round 01". The team name is used as the file name on the USB Flash Drive or rendered folder.

2. Freefall. Remove the tick from the freefall option for the event. That way you won't get hassled to set the start and end of freefall and the initial music track will play for the whole jump. Set the source audio to mute after 7 seconds and have the camera dude turn on as they climb out or trim their videos using the software to climb out only. Add the date and celebration here. "Round 01 - FMP4"

3. Team yahoo shot : have the team land as a team with the camera and get a shot with canopies and smiles.

Short fade out.

This adds a bit of human factor to the jumps and spices up the evening. Jump after jump gets a little monotonous.

We do crowd judging. Best thing since comp was invented. The jumps are judged en masse at the end of the day with many beers, much cheering and at least a few disputes and hilarious team rivalries. Repeat watches are called. The crowd calls the points as they're presented. A count down starts at 30 seconds. Wicked fun and kick starts the party.

Have fun!

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Thanks Mick,

I think our DZ TV might even have a USB slot already on it.

I'd imagine full HD would play back better from a notebook though instead of direct from USB?

Will do some tests and see.