A dialogue box pops up early in the process after selecting "start processing" in tandem vids & the Vegas Rendering begins, that says: "Some of the media on the timeline was not trimmed in order to preserve quality". Never saw this before in/with Vegas Pro 11. The dialogue box only provides for an "OKAY", to be acknowledged - - - nothing more really to do, and no options presented... but stops the rendering process until this is clicked. 🤬

Anyone else experience this, and/or know how to suppress this from happening, so that we can skip along our merry ways (as we always used to - no problem!) to our next customers while the process runs on its own? It does not seem to be affecting anything at all in the finished product, other then it requiring the operator to sit here and wait for it to pop up, only then to select "okay" so it can move on. The entire process HALTS otherwise, until this user "OKAY" acknowledgement is made, and this is maddening!!!


Mick Hardy
Version 2014.0.3.0 and above sends an enter key to clear this message. 
Thanks, Mick - As always for your responsiveness and support!!

I have since this reply now, tried several times to follow your link and download the latest upgrade/version. However, at the conclusion of each attempt - seem to only receive a zip file with ZERO kb! 🤬

Mick Hardy
That link isn't working here in Palau but the Internet is very slow.

Can you try the main download page? I know this link was working when I left Australia so if you keep trying or use a download manager with the direct link, it should be fine. 
Mick Hardy
I finally found some decent Internet in Manila. I received a zero length zip file as well with several different browsers.

The direct link for the previous version works fine. 

Apologies for the inconvenience.