Hi Mick,

when we try and create a handcam video with photos selected vegas crashes. We checked the video preview window in vegas and it's open. The settings in vegas also match our HD files.

I can see all the photos being created in vegas, but when it gets the the last photo of the last event vegas crashes.

We can see all the photos that have been created when we open the photos folder.

Any ideas?
Mick Hardy
I was unable to reproduce this.

I did encounter a Vegas 10 crash at the end of copying the source media to the working area but only in the development environment. I think you mentioned this at another time in relation to SD files. I could reproduce this crash about one in twenty times and it was caused by a threading issue, which may also be the root cause of your crashes. This only happens with Vegas 10.

Try the latest 270 Flash Vids V2010.0.6.0 and see if it helps the issue. I've changed the start and end code around the export photo function.

I originally tried exporting photos at the same time as creating the customer video and some of this multi-threaded code was still present. It didn't save any time so I gave up trying to run them concurrently.

Mick Hardy
I tested the preview window issue and the bug remains with Vegas 10. I can crash Vegas with one line of code.

You must have the Vegas Preview window visible to export photos from Vegas using scripts. This is a CTRL+ALT+DELETE kind of failure. Kill Vegas to continue.

I spent a whole weekend trying to find a work around for this issue. I am also looking at optionally using DirectShow and the CoreAVC codec to export photos. The photo quality is better than Vegas produces and the export process is much, much faster.

Thanks Mick,

we've downloaded swoopware 5.0 and will see how it goes. I will keep you updated on our progress.
Mick Hardy
This issue has been resolved in V2010.0.6.0